2D and 3D Design Services

ESC produces realistic, 2D and 3D virtual environments, which demonstrate how AV systems can be deployed into room arrangements and how they can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems architectures, infrastructures and communication networks. Our 2D and 3D visualisation services are conducted in HD and are remarkably true to life, making the decision-making process a more considered, reliable process with full 2D and 3D layouts, photorealistic 3D renders and walkthroughs and advanced 3D design for bespoke credenza and conference room environments.

The Ideal Visualisations !

Our design engineers offer a professional visualisation and simulation service to help organisations make informed decisions on their AV investment before committing themselves to the expense. If desired for big projects, Step 1 – 2D.  Step 2 – 3D. Step 3 – Installation and Completion.



    ESC, systems integrators, have worked in all market sectors, including hotels, hospitals, office and residential blocks, retail parks and marine environments with clients ranging from high street banks and the NHS to luxury five-star hotel chains and luxury apartment developers. No scheme is ever too big or too small and each is commissioned by our own team of certified engineering technicians who never fail to ensure every AV solution we deliver is robust and problem free.

    FINNACIAL - Integrated AV Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

    Banks and other financial institutions rely on professional audio visual systems to communicate with sites and partners, to display information in branch and in meeting room environments, to trade more effectively and to enhance corporate identity. ESC Digital Media designs, supplies and installs bespoke audio visual systems for banks and financial institutions that harmonise communications and convey information with ease.  AV technologies commonly relied on by the world’s banks and financial institutions include dynamic display systems, video and audio conferencing systems, world clock arrangements, digital signage, broadcast systems and powerful control systems that homogenise all AV systems into one seamless, integrated solution. ESC delivers all this and more.

    HOSPITALITY - Game-Changing AV for the Hospitality Sector

    The applications for game-changing audio visual technology within the hospitality sector are as diverse as the environments this fast-paced market contains. Hotels, for example, use digital signage and display systems to welcome, guide and entertain, the leisure industry relies on dynamic, large format screens to engage and inform its audiences and the wider hospitality world depends on ingenious AV communication and presentation solutions to deliver powerful, tailored messages to guests. Next generation AV technologies offer organisations unique opportunities to promote the brand and create special visitor experiences and, with the significant ROI benefits our solutions are delivering, audio visual makes sound investment sense too.

    EDUCATION - AV for Rewarding, Inspiring Learning Environments

    The school and classroom environment has undergone a dramatic shift with the development of AV systems that are designed to support the learning process and make teaching a more engaging, rewarding process for everyone involved. Interactive audio visual technologies such as Smartboards and mobile devices are now commonplace in the academic environment, including schools, colleges and universities. All are inspiring children with exciting presentations and enabling them to explore so much more, even faster and with more relevant, meaningful results. And this extends beyond the classroom too; within the education system remote students rely on AV technology to communicate and collaborate with their educators while private sector training organisations use AV to offer a special competitive edge and attract more business. AV makes learning a more satisfying, rewarding experience.

    HEALTHCARE - AV that Helps Healthcare Professionals Care More Effectively

    Hospitals and healthcare providers are under pressure to care more effectively, to maximise patient satisfaction and to employ working practices that are sustainable, affordable and capable of meeting targets in every area of their operations. Pioneering audio visual systems are being used within the healthcare sector from the first point of contact with welcoming display systems that direct, inform and entertain visitors and patients. Go further and communication systems help decisions and diagnoses to be made more quickly and with better accuracy, even remotely, while presentation systems help to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals in hospitals and training environments that are equipped with AV technology to enlighten for success.

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