A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Planning Permission for Satellites in London


As a property owner or developer in London, you may encounter the need to secure planning permission for satellite installations. The process can be complex, but with the right knowledge and support, it is achievable. In this blog, we will discuss the steps required to obtain planning permission for satellite installations in London and how ESC’s innovative Vistec solution can help you achieve your goals while remaining in compliance with planning regulations.

Understanding Planning Permission for Satellite Installations

In London, satellite installations are subject to planning regulations to ensure that the visual impact on the surrounding area is minimised. The local planning authority will assess each application based on factors such as the size and location of the installation, the design and appearance of the equipment, and the potential impact on nearby buildings and the local environment. To secure planning permission, it is crucial to demonstrate that your proposed installation complies with these regulations and does not negatively impact the area.

Key Steps in Securing Planning Permission

1. Identify the Need for Planning Permission: Before starting the process, determine if your proposed satellite installation requires planning permission. Generally, small-scale domestic installations may not need permission, while larger or more complex installations for commercial, hospitality, or multi-tenant properties may require approval from the local planning authority.

2. Consult with an Expert: Engage the services of an experienced company such as ESC, who can offer valuable guidance throughout the planning process and ensure that your application is compliant with all relevant regulations.

3. Prepare a Comprehensive Application: Your planning application should include detailed information on the proposed installation, including technical specifications, design plans, and visual representations of the equipment. Be sure to highlight how your proposed installation complies with planning regulations and avoids negative impacts on the local area.

4. Submit the Application: Once your application is complete, submit it to the local planning authority for review. Be prepared to answer any questions or provide additional information as requested by the planning officer.

5. Monitor and Respond to Feedback: Stay in contact with the planning authority throughout the review process, addressing any concerns or requests for additional information promptly and professionally. Demonstrating a commitment to compliance and collaboration can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

How ESC's Vistec Solution Can Help

At ESC, we understand the importance of meeting planning regulations while delivering innovative satellite solutions for our clients. Our Vistec solution is specifically designed to address the challenges of securing planning permission in London. Vistec is a discreet, high-quality satellite dish cover that effectively hides the dish from view while maintaining signal integrity. By utilising Vistec, property owners and developers can demonstrate their commitment to preserving the visual integrity of the local area and increase the likelihood of obtaining planning permission for their satellite installation.


Securing planning permission for satellite installations in London can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with the right expertise and support from ESC, it is achievable. Our extensive experience in the satellite and IPTV industry, combined with our innovative Vistec solution, enables us to help our clients navigate the planning process and deliver cutting-edge, customised satellite installations that meet their unique needs. To learn more about ESC’s services and how we can assist with your planning application, visit our Vistec page or contact us today.

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