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Over the last 30 years, ESC Digital Media has carved a unique niche in the satellite installation industry. Our dedicated team is credited with the majority of satellite installations in central London, catering predominantly to businesses. The skyline of the City of London is dotted with our installations, notably in the majority of its high-rise buildings.

Our prowess is not just limited to London. Our portfolio boasts large-scale satellite installations stretching across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on having the capability and expertise to handle projects of any scale and in any part of the world.

Our reputation as industry leaders is built on a foundation of professionalism, commitment to quality, and an unrivalled breadth of experience. When you entrust a project to ESC Digital Media, you are partnering with true professionals dedicated to excellence.

Tailored Solutions for Multi-Tenancy Buildings and Individual Tenants

At ESC, we understand the unique needs of landlords and individual tenants. Our commercial satellite services are designed to provide seamless connectivity across multi-tenancy buildings, ensuring every tenant enjoys uninterrupted access to their preferred channels. We also offer personalised services for individual tenants, including professional TV installations. Our commitment to delivering customised, cutting-edge solutions sets us apart as industry-leading commercial integrators.

Integrated Reception System (IRS)

Our Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) deliver satellite, TV aerial, and radio aerial signals from a roof-mounted satellite dish to multiple points on a network. This versatile system gives building occupants the freedom to subscribe and watch the media of their choice, from FM and DAB radio to Freeview and Sky HD. It’s an affordable, trouble-free media distribution system that makes economic sense for building owners who want flexibility for their residents.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

At ESC, we’re committed to providing robust, forward-thinking solutions. Whether we’re delivering 120 channels to a busy trading floor or a 42-storey tower with a 35,000-position capacity, we design and build tailored solutions that fit the exacting requirements of our client’s demands. These solutions can be integrated as part of a fully managed system or delivered stand-alone following a handover with training. We even offer 2D and 3D design visualisations, ensuring our clients can fully envision the end result.


Delivering customised, cutting-edge satellite and IPTV solutions tailored to your business needs

Dish Farm

Streamlining multi-tenant building connectivity with our innovative satellite dish farm technologies


Ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction through responsive maintenance and support services

Commitment to Excellence Across All Industries

Rely on our highly qualified engineering technicians to deliver dependable,
seamless AV solutions, meticulously designed for projects of any
scale and across all market sectors

Offering specialised, industry-specific services to meet the unique needs of your business – contact us for a personalised quote reflecting your distinct requirements

Explore how our dedication and expertise empower us to continuously enhance the performance and success of every industry we collaborate with, setting new benchmarks in satellite and IPTV solutions.

A few projects

GROSVENOR HOUSE SUITES, LONDON: Expert Satellite Installation Solutions

ESC Digital Media proudly delivered a comprehensive satellite installation project, successfully supplying 120 Satellite and terrestrial TV channels to Grosvenor House Apartments.

Our expertise ensured the seamless provision of various European and Russian channels via TV over LAN technology to 362 end-user positions. As a leading industry player, our customized HD AV system was integrated with the hotel PMS system, electronic program guide, Video on Demand (VoD), games, radio channels, and an extensive music library containing over 5,000 songs. Trust ESC Digital Media to consistently accommodate your satellite installation needs with precision and professionalism.

MARY’S AXE, LONDON, UK Satellite Installation

ESC Digital Media showcased its industry-leading expertise by overcoming the unique challenge of installing satellite antennae and aerial equipment atop the glass roof of The Gherkin.

We skillfully installed satellite-receiving equipment on a separate building and transmitted signals via a fiber connection laid beneath the street. A landlord-managed system was subsequently installed within the tower, providing convenient connection points on each floor for tenant access. Choose ESC Digital Media for innovative, cutting-edge satellite installation solutions in even the most complex scenarios.

HSBC HEADQUARTERS, LONDON: Comprehensive Satellite and TV System Installation

ESC Digital Media successfully managed the design, supply, and installation of the entire satellite and TV system at HSBC’s London headquarters.

Our expert team implemented a satellite dish farm and cabling infrastructure, which facilitated the distribution of over 20 channels using IP and Cat5 technology to more than 11,000 positions throughout the building. With a proven track record of handling large-scale projects, ESC Digital Media is your go-to partner for reliable, professional satellite and TV system installations.

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