With over 30 years of industry experience, ESC delivers exceptional IPTV and satellite services to the hospitality sector. From hotels and resorts to yachts and outdoor spaces, we enhance guest experiences with seamless access to information and entertainment, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Hotels and Resorts

At ESC, we specialise in providing comprehensive IPTV and satellite services to hotels and resorts. Our solutions are designed to enhance the guest experience, offering a wide range of channels and seamless connectivity. We’ve worked on notable projects such as the Grosvenor Suites where we facilitated connectivity to 360 televisions delivering an impressive 170 channels across one single cable. Our commitment to delivering customised, cutting-edge solutions and ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for many industry-leading hotels and resorts across the world.

Yachts, Cruise Ships, and Boats

Our expertise extends to the marine environment, where we offer specialised IPTV and satellite services for yachts, cruise ships, and boats. We understand the unique challenges of providing seamless connectivity on the water and have the experience and skills to deliver dependable solutions. Our past projects include installations for world renowned luxury yachts, ensuring the guests have access to their preferred channels even while at sea. Rely on our highly qualified engineering technicians to deliver a seamless viewing experience, no matter where your journey takes you.

Outdoor Hospitality Spaces

ESC also offers specialised TV services for outdoor hospitality spaces. Whether it’s an outdoor bar, a poolside lounge, or a garden restaurant, we can provide high-quality, weather-resistant installations that ensure your guests can enjoy their favourite live sport entertainment or your brands customised advertisements. Our solutions are designed to withstand the elements while delivering excellent picture and sound quality. Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional outdoor area that will impress your guests and ensure their entertainment experience is one-of-a-kind.


Delivering customised, cutting-edge satellite and IPTV solutions tailored to your business needs

Dish Farm

Streamlining multi-tenant building connectivity with our innovative satellite dish farm technologies


Ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction through responsive maintenance and support services

Commitment to Excellence Across All Industries

Rely on our highly qualified engineering technicians to deliver dependable,
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Explore how our dedication and expertise empower us to continuously enhance the performance and success of every industry we collaborate with, setting new benchmarks in satellite and IPTV solutions.

A few projects

GROSVENOR HOUSE SUITES, LONDON: Expert Satellite Installation Solutions

ESC Digital Media proudly delivered a comprehensive satellite installation project, successfully supplying 120 Satellite and terrestrial TV channels to Grosvenor House Apartments.

Our expertise ensured the seamless provision of various European and Russian channels via TV over LAN technology to 362 end-user positions. As a leading industry player, our customized HD AV system was integrated with the hotel PMS system, electronic program guide, Video on Demand (VoD), games, radio channels, and an extensive music library containing over 5,000 songs. Trust ESC Digital Media to consistently accommodate your satellite installation needs with precision and professionalism.

MARY’S AXE, LONDON, UK Satellite Installation

ESC Digital Media showcased its industry-leading expertise by overcoming the unique challenge of installing satellite antennae and aerial equipment atop the glass roof of The Gherkin.

We skillfully installed satellite-receiving equipment on a separate building and transmitted signals via a fiber connection laid beneath the street. A landlord-managed system was subsequently installed within the tower, providing convenient connection points on each floor for tenant access. Choose ESC Digital Media for innovative, cutting-edge satellite installation solutions in even the most complex scenarios.

HSBC HEADQUARTERS, LONDON: Comprehensive Satellite and TV System Installation

ESC Digital Media successfully managed the design, supply, and installation of the entire satellite and TV system at HSBC’s London headquarters.

Our expert team implemented a satellite dish farm and cabling infrastructure, which facilitated the distribution of over 20 channels using IP and Cat5 technology to more than 11,000 positions throughout the building. With a proven track record of handling large-scale projects, ESC Digital Media is your go-to partner for reliable, professional satellite and TV system installations.

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