How to Get Connectivity TVs on Yachts, Boats, and Cruise Ships with ESC


The world of luxury yachting, boating, and cruising has evolved tremendously over the years, with increasing demand for cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity. As a boat or yacht owner, or a cruise ship operator, you want to provide your guests with an exceptional experience that includes access to high-quality television and entertainment systems. ESC, an industry leader with over 30 years of expertise, is your go-to solution for innovative and customised satellite & IPTV installations. In this blog post, we will explore how ESC can help you achieve connectivity TVs on yachts, boats, and cruise ships.

The ESC Advantage

ESC’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction ensures that your luxury vessel is equipped with the best possible satellite and IPTV systems. They offer specialised services tailored to meet unique needs and preferences, such as guest-facing IPTV solutions for the hospitality industry. By partnering with ESC, you can leverage their experience in delivering dependable, seamless satellite and IPTV solutions for various industries, including luxury yachting, boating, and cruising.

Ensuring Seamless Connectivity

One of the major challenges in installing satellite and IPTV systems on luxury vessels is overcoming the limitations of traditional equipment and ensuring seamless connectivity. ESC’s team of experts are adept at identifying the most suitable solutions for your yacht, boat, or cruise ship, allowing you to provide your guests with access to a wide range of channels and unparalleled entertainment options.

For example, the ESC team has worked on projects such as the Grosvenor House Suites in London, where they delivered a comprehensive satellite installation project, supplying 120 Satellite and terrestrial TV channels to Grosvenor House Apartments. The project involved the seamless provision of various European and Russian channels via TV over LAN technology to 362 end-user positions.

Planning Permission and Aesthetics

Another challenge that luxury vessel owners often face is obtaining planning permission for satellite installations. ESC has developed an innovative solution called Vistec, which helps hide satellite dishes and ensures that your luxury vessel’s appearance is not compromised. To learn more about the Vistec solution, visit

Customised Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties

In addition to luxury vessels, ESC also offers satellite and IPTV systems for multi-tenant properties, giving all tenants access to TV connectivity and a wide range of channels. Their expertise in working with large existing networks ensures that they can improve any solution, making them the perfect partner for multi-tenant building connectivity projects. To learn more about ESC’s multi-tenant solutions, visit  and visit 

Get Connectivity TVs on Yachts, Boats, and Cruise Ships with ESC


As the luxury yachting, boating, and cruising industries continue to evolve, staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and connectivity is essential. By partnering with ESC, you can ensure that your guests enjoy an exceptional entertainment experience, complete with seamless TV connectivity. With over 30 years of industry experience and a commitment to delivering innovative, customised solutions, ESC is the ideal partner for your satellite and IPTV installation needs. Visit  to learn more about how ESC can bring connectivity TVs to your luxury vessels.

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