IPTV Integration

From boutique hotels to sports stadia, ESC is delivering exciting IPTV capabilities to give visitors and guests an unrivalled experience and access to an unbeatable range of information, entertainment and multimedia broadcasts.

Tailored IPTV & AV solutions

Distributing TV and AV media across IT networks has become a vital element in the way forward thinking organisations communicate, disseminate information and succeed. By broadcasting live TV, news feeds to distributing video and PowerPoint presentations, our financial, healthcare, education and hospitality sector clients are leading the way when it comes to using the power of TV over IP to communicate key content to their audiences.

With all content managed and distributed centrally, company information can easily be routed and viewed by pre-defined teams in selected departments or office locations, while sensitive data can be restricted to those who are authorised to see it.

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IPTV Integration for hotels, hospitality and leisure environments

Our IPTV distribution systems and technologies enable building owners to distribute freeview and subscription satellite or terrestrial TV signals across hotel computer networks to bedrooms, bathrooms, bars, reception and communal spaces and conferencing facilities across the site. From messaging and music, branding to bill information, everything is available on demand with IPTV.


IPTV Integration for healthcare environments

ESC supplies and installs extensive commercial digital TV systems throughout hospitals and the healthcare market to ensure a superior picture and impeccable sound quality is received across the building in wards, communal and reception areas and within conferencing suites.


IPTV Integration for learning and education environments

ESC delivers cost effective, informative teaching solutions to schools, colleges and universities through smart IPTV networks, user-friendly plug-and-play devices and open standards that integrate with other IPTV systems to create a powerful, future-proofed IPTV solution for education.

IPTV Head End

Fully Licence IPTV Installers

In 1991, a team of satellite and AV industry design professionals founded ESC Digital Media to address the changing requirements of the television broadcasting markets. Over 15 years ago we bought IPTV into the UK, installing the first system for Lehman Brothers – a move that saw IP-delivered TV become the standard platform within the City’s major financial institutions. Today, we’re recognised as leaders in our field and a powerful force in tailored AV solutions across market sectors. Based in Surrey, England with administrative offices in Weybridge and a Research and Development facility in Byfleet, our reach extends to a discerning client base across the globe.

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AV and IPTV services

We’re committed to the highest standards of customer service and groundbreaking creativity – standards that have led to our membership of both the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI)
and the Society of Cable Engineers (STCE). We have also recently been upgraded to become one of a very few CAI plus members. These accreditations reflect our dedication to quality, creativity and pioneering technologies. CAI Plus means that the customer has the benefit in knowing that ESC are: Fully Insured. Safe Work practice at heights. Trustworthy. Criminal Record checks are carried out for all engineers. CAI-backed double guarantee.

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Bespoke 2D and 3D design

ESC produces realistic, 2D and 3D virtual environments, which demonstrate how AV systems can be deployed into room arrangements and how they can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems architectures, infrastructures and communication networks. Our 2D and 3D visualisation services are conducted in HD and are remarkably true to life, making the decision-making process a more considered, reliable process with full 2D and 3D layouts, photorealistic 3D renders and walkthroughs and advanced 3D design for bespoke credenza and conference room environments.


Remarkable, in-house AV systems design capability

ESC Digital Media is the first name in commercial and residential AV systems and we frequently win respect for our revolutionary solutions and achievements in this dynamic field; this is largely due to the calibre of our remarkable, in-house AV systems design capability.

ESC 3D Satellite Presentation


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ESC Digital Media has been awarded the contract to install a 100-channel IPTV system at the Grand Hotel Oyala Kempinski in Equatorial Guinea. The installation will deliver On Demand TV, worldwide TV channels, Internet connectivity, digital signage and full HD services to all guests.


ESC installed 16 meeting rooms providing full video and audio conferencing systems along with IPTV and trading floor news TVs. World Clock information services needed to be relocated to one building and system integration was required to merge systems and add new technologies to keep all systems in line with the latest technologies. IPads, powered by Crestron control all audio and video systems as well as lighting and blinds in all meeting rooms.


ESC Digital Media was awarded the contract to supply a site-wide satellite and television distribution system to all 16 floors of this vast building that is made up of two interlinked buildings of different heights and set right in the heart of London.


 Using fibre to transmit and receive equipment, ESC Digital Media distributed all satellite feeds across this European Headquarters building and fed the entire dish farm over the Cat5/6 infrastructure to over 250 positions.

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