Top Strategies to Boost Planning Permission Success for Satellites in London


Planning permission is a crucial aspect when installing satellite antennas in London, especially for businesses aiming to provide their clients with exceptional connectivity and entertainment options. With London’s unique blend of historical and modern architecture, securing planning permission for satellite installations can be challenging. In this blog, we’ll discuss top strategies to boost planning permission success for satellites and how ESC’s innovative Vistec solution can help streamline the process.

1. Understand Local Regulations

London is home to various conservation areas and listed buildings, which require special permissions for satellite installations. Familiarise yourself with the local authority’s planning permission requirements to ensure compliance and avoid complications. ESC’s industry-leading expertise and experience working with diverse clients ensure seamless navigation of local regulations.

2. Collaborate with Experts

Working with an industry-leading provider like ESC is crucial for planning permission success. With over 30 years of expertise, ESC has a proven track record of delivering innovative and customised satellite & IPTV installations. Their knowledge of industry-specific needs and local regulations ensures a smooth planning permission process.

3. Opt for Discreet Design Solutions

One of the critical factors in securing planning permission is the visual impact of the satellite installation. ESC’s Vistec solution offers a discreet and innovative approach to satellite installation, blending seamlessly with the building’s aesthetics. By opting for Vistec, you can increase the chances of planning permission approval while ensuring minimal disruption to the building’s appearance. Learn more about Vistec [here] .

4. Showcase the Benefits of Satellite Installation

Highlighting the advantages of satellite and IPTV installations can boost planning permission success. For multi-tenant properties, ESC’s tailored satellite and IPTV solutions offer seamless TV connectivity and access to a range of channels for all tenants. Emphasise these benefits to the local authority during the planning permission process. Explore ESC’s multi-tenant solutions [here] .

5. Provide Evidence of Successful Installations

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by showcasing previous successful satellite installations. ESC has an extensive portfolio of projects, including Grosvenor House Suites, London Stock Exchange Headquarters, and The Gherkin, which highlights their ability to deliver dependable satellite and IPTV solutions. Share these success stories to strengthen your planning permission application.


Securing planning permission for satellite installations in London is vital for businesses looking to enhance their connectivity and entertainment offerings. By understanding local regulations, collaborating with experts like ESC, opting for discreet design solutions like Vistec, showcasing the benefits of satellite installations, and providing evidence of successful installations, you can boost your chances of planning permission success. To learn more about ESC’s innovative satellite and IPTV solutions, visit their [website] .

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